Proper and Official MembersEdit

NOTE: In the first three books the Ace Gang are sometimes called: The Fab Gang, The Ace Crew and the Fab Crew.They are only consistently refered to as the Ace Gang "Dancing in my nuddy-pants" onwards. They are all certifably insane

  • Georgia - The piece de resistance, bee's knees, etc.
  • Jas - Supposed best pally. Prone to rambling on. Wears enormous pantaloonies.
  • Rosie - A Viking bride to be. Known for her beards and eccentric dancing.
  • Jools - Good in an emergency, e.g., usually has secret lippy supply.
  • Ellen - Ditherqueen of the universe and beyond.
  • Mabs - Generally all-round good egg. Keen on snogging and snacking.

Honorary Bloke MembersEdit

  • Dave the Laugh - Famously said he would like to be a girl so he could look at his nunga-nungas all day. Also known as the Hornmeister.
  • Tom - Brother of the Sex God and Jas's "boyfriend". Actually as boys go, not entirely mad.
  • Sven - from Reindeer land (possibly). Spectacularly mad, e.g., wears flares that have flashing lights down the seams.
  • Rollo - Mate of Tom and Dave's. Jools's boyfriend.
  • Declan - Mate of Dave's. Ellen's boyfriend.
  • Edward - Mate of Dave's. Mabs's boyfriend.

Trainee MembersEdit

  • Honor and Soph - Coming along nicely. Already involved in the snot disco inferno triumph and the hilarious putting a skeleton dressed as Mr. Attwood in his hut.
    The ace gang

    The Ace Gang from the movie