½. sticky eyes (Be careful using this. I've still got some complete twit following me around like a seeing-eye dog.)

1. holding hands

2. arm around

3. goodnight kiss

4. kiss lasting over three minutes without a breath (What you need for this is a sad mate who's got a watch but no boyfriend.)

4½. hand snogging (I really don't want to go into this. Ask Jas.)

5. open mouth kissing

6. tongues

6½. ear snogging

6¾. neck nuzzling

7. upper body fondling - outdoors

8 upper body fondling - indoors

Virtual number 8. When your upper body is not actually being fondled in reality, but you know that it is in your snoggee's head.

9. below waist activity (or b. w. a.) (Apparently this can include flashing your pants. Don't blame me. Ask Jools.)

10. the full monty (sex either way and I'm sure Georgia wants this level with Robbie!!)

This is bullshit!