Angus is one of Georgia's cats. Georgia adopted him when she was on holiday with her family in Loch Lomond. She asked her parents if they could adopt him, and they took him home. The Scottish landlady of where Georgia's family was staying said that he was a mixed breed: half-domestic tabby, half-Scottish wildcat. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Angus is prone to very wild and violent behavior. Georgia had tried to walk him before, but he ate his lead. He also has "Call of the Wild" episodes. He hears the call of the Scottish highlands and goes berserk. He terrorizes Next Door's poodles, Snowy and Whitey. He poos everywhere, and anytime he poos somewhere that gets Bob or Connie upset, they tell Georgia, "He'll have to go". He's also known for eating animals and bringing their carcasses back inside the house.

In It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers, Georgia and her family get new Across the Road neighbors who have a pedigreed Burmese cat. Mr. and Mrs. Across the Road have an exotic name for her that Georgia calls, "Little-brook-running-up-a-tree-with-a-sausage-up-its-bottom Sun Li the third or something foreign". For her sake, Georgia calls the cat "Naomi". Angus, as Georgia says it, "falls in love" with Naomi. Mr. and Mrs. Across the Road try to forbid Angus from having any contact with Naomi. Bob compromises and has Angus' trouser snake addenda snipped. At the end of Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas, Naomi is pregnant. It discovered in Dancing In My Nuddy-Pants that Angus is the father. One of the kittens is adopted by Georgia's family and named Gordy.